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Cool customer

October 2021

Hanif Montazeri, the CEO of Canadian cleantech company Enersion, on why a warming world needs a greener cooling system, making inroads into the Middle East and developing world, and what inspired him.

When Hanif Montazeri was a teenager in Iran, he and his younger brother Ali made toy trucks and other electronic gadgets for their friends and neighbours.

News 12 Hudson Valley

New hybrid solar panel technology tested by Con Edison

November 2023
New solar power technology is in the works and could soon be coming to Hudson Valley homes and business.
Con Edison showcased hybrid solar panels at its Spring Valley offices, producing electricity and harnessing thermal energy for heating/cooling.

Toronto Star

Triple threat: Toronto-based Enersion converts solar energy into heating, cooling and electricity

November 2023

Hanif Montazeri has always been obsessed with devices. Growing up in Iran, he and his brother loved to make electronic gadgets. Over the course of two summers in the late ’90s, they even designed and fabricated an electric, 18-wheel toy truck that could turn, signal and move at speeds of four km/h by voice command. And while Montazeri was pursuing his PhD in mechanical engineering at the University of Toronto in the mid-2000s, he was “always looking for the next great product.”