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Enersion was born out of a passion for innovation. Two of our co-founders, a scientist and an engineer from the University of Toronto and Massachusetts Institute of Technology discovered the revolutionary cooling application of adsorption. This discovery had real world applications to transform cooling technology from one that is outdated, polluting and energy intensive to one that is energy efficient, emission-free and better for the planet.

After four years of research and development, Enersion has developed a product which brings together the 3 integral sources of energy – cooling, heating and electricity. Our Tri-Generation Systems are the future of localized green energy.

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of clean 
and efficient decentralized energy.

Our Values


Innovation is our forefront value and where it all began. We constantly strive to innovate our technology, with the aim of a positive real world impact.

Economic Viability

Innovation without economic viability has no significance. Our goal is to provide technology that is affordable and therefore impactful.

Long Term Vision

We constantly look for current and future trends in the energy space to ensure that our value proposition remains relevant. This includes, assessing different energy input alternatives like Hydrogen that would have an increasing part to play in the future.


We acknowledge that we are currently living in a crucial moment in regards to planetary health and sustainability. Therefore, our offerings are designed with the objective to help us move towards a cleaner future.

Diversity, Inclusivity and Equality

We encourage participation and equal treatment, and appreciate diversity of all kinds within our team. We have created and adopted policies that can help us create an inclusive, encouraging and positive environment.

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