Residential customers can enjoy savings on their monthly utility bills from a more efficient space cooling unit, and self-generation of electricity and heat. Our product lineup caters to various cooling loads, whether that’s single family homes or multi-family buildings.

Advantages of Enersion in your home

  • Simple integration with your home
  • Under 4-year payback via energy savings
  • Generate your own electricity and heat
  • Scalable systems for various loads
  • Reduce your utility expenses by more than 50%
  • Less maintenance than conventional systems

Explore how our systems are powered:


Using solar radiation as an input, we are able to generate hot water to power our cooling system, and electricity for your household

Up to 70%

increased efficiency from capturing solar heat

Up to 90%

savings on your utility bill

Natural Gas

Similar to your regular home appliances, our cooling system can easily be integrated with existing natural gas infrastructures

Up to 50%

increased efficiency by using wasted heat

Up to 70%

savings on your utility bill