Tri-generation Fuels

The foundation of our Tri-generation is Cooling. We integrate our aDsorption chiller with a variety of sustainable and low-emission fuels, which can be applied across all industries.

Solar Energy

Hybrid photovoltaic – thermal (PVT) panels can be installed on roofs to provide a combination of: electricity to supplement your consumption, and heat, which can be used domestically or converted to cooling using Enersion’s technology.


Natural Gas

Natural gas can be used to fuel Combined Heat & Power units (CHPs) – with the majority of the output being heat, Enersion can integrate with CHPs to utilize a portion of the heat to provide a third sustainable output: Cooling.



Branded as the Fuel of the Future, hydrogen provides a cleaner and more sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Enersion’s technology can easily integrate with fuel cells to harness heat byproduct and convert it into cooling.


Biogas & Renewable Natural Gas

Farms can utilize abundant cattle feed-stock to produce energy sources that are interchangeable with Natural Gas. Benefits include: additional revenue, clean electricity generation and excess heat used for cooling using Enersion’s technology. All while using existing pipelines and infrastructures.