Cooling is necessary for most industries today. Industries house equipment and have processes that emit heat and require a certain temperature for optimal operation. In order to allow this, the heat needs to be removed in a way such that the temperature required is maintained and the operations within the industrial premises can be executed in an efficient and safe way.

Enersion’s cooling forms an attractive solution for Industrial cooling due to the potential savings offered as a result of reduction in electricity consumption. Electricity costs present a significant operating cost to all industries, because of which Enersion’s cooling provides an ideal solution.


Heat Source for Enersion's Chiller

The heat required by the chiller for the cooling process can be obtained from the following sources

Combined Heat and Power

A Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit is a device that uses fuel to produce heat and electricity. The fuel in most scenarios is natural gas. This is a cost effective method to obtain heating and power when compared to the electricity from the grid.

Enersion’s chiller can be integrated with a CHP unit, wherein it will utilize the heat from the CHP unit to produce cooling. This results in a trigeneration system, a system that provides locally produced power, heating and cooling in a much more cost effective method, capable of bringing down the energy costs of the facility to 90% depending on the natural gas and electricity rates at the location.

Industrial Waste Heat

The heat from the industrial processes can be retrieved using heat exchangers which can be sent into the chiller to produce cooling.

For example, during cable manufacturing, the hot cables need to be cooled down using water which is sprayed onto the cables. The water in turn heats up and the heat needs to be thrown away. This hot water can be sent to the chiller to power the cooling process.


Types of Industry

There are multiple industries that Enersion’s cooling is applicable to. Some examples are:

  • Cement manufacturing
  • Plastics
  • Metal manufacturing
  • Breweries
  • Cable drawing
  • Chemical processing