District / Space Cooling

The most widely form of cooling that is known to and used by everyone is comfort or space cooling. Enersion’s chiller can be used for comfort cooling which finds application in homes, residential buildings, commercial buildings, offices, malls, hospitals, hotels and other buildings.

Enersion’s chiller will not be in the form of window air conditioners, but rather a larger central unit providing cooling to a building. Condominiums and newer buildings across the world use a central chiller as opposed to having window units as the efficiency and cost effectiveness is significantly higher.

Industrial Cooling

Cooling is necessary for most industries today. Industries house equipment and have processes that emit heat and require a certain temperature for optimal operation. In order to allow this, the heat needs to be removed in a way such that the temperature required is maintained and the operations within the industrial premises can be executed in an efficient and safe way.

Enersion’s cooling forms an attractive solution for Industrial cooling due to the potential savings offered as a result of reduction in electricity consumption. Electricity costs present a significant operating cost to all industries, because of which Enersion’s cooling provides an ideal solution.

Data Centers and Server Rooms

Data centers and server rooms contain computing equipment that generates heat. This heat needs to be removed unless for the proper functioning of the equipment. This is why cooling forms an important part of the data center environment, owing up to 40% of the electricity consumption of such a facility.

Enersion’s cooling forms an ideal application for data centers as it reduces electricity consumption by over 70% and therefore drastically reduces the operating cost, something that is critical to the competitive data center industry.

Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines

In the pharmaceutical industry, Enersion aims to apply its technology to enhance the storage time of chemicals, medicines and vaccines during their transportation. Many medicines and all vaccines need to be stored under a certain temperature for their useful characteristics to be retained.

Enersion’s prolonged cold storage using the cold battery can replace refrigerated trucking and other forms of refrigerated transport as no fuel or power source is required for enersion’s battery during the storage process. This reduces costs and ensures secure storage.

Vaccines are a successful method to prevent diseases from harming us. However, a large section of the human population that reside in underdeveloped regions cannot take the life-saving advantage of vaccines as there is not sufficient infrastructure to refrigerate vaccines. Enersion’s cold battery can be used to transport vaccines under the right temperature conditions to these regions.