Enersion's Chiller

The Quantum Series

We are developing an adsorption based chiller series that will range from 1 ton to more than 10 tons of cooling power. The units can be connected in line to add cooling power. With the given range, our units can be applied to manufacturing sites, data centers, commercial buildings as well as residential buildings.

Quantum 500

Our first and upcoming chiller, the Quantum 500 is designed to have an efficient cooling performance and adapt to all cooling applications.

It utilizes heat in the form of hot water and provides cooling in the form of chilled water so that it can be versatile in application


Cooling power :                            5 ton

Thermal COP :                              0.6

Electrical COP :                             22

Hot water temperature:           60 deg C

Chilled water outlet:                   15 deg C

Multiple Applications

Cooling is used in multiple segments globally and is a significant consumer of electricity.

Data Centers

Data centers contain servers that run 24/7 and produce heat. The servers need to be kept below a certain temperature. This cooling contributes to a major cost of the data center operation due to the electricity consumption required

Combined Heat and Power – Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial applications

Combined heat and power or cogeneration units are being widely used and encouraged by governments. This technology consumes natural gas and produces electricity and heat that is utilized locally. The heat is often wasted during the summer due to low heat loads. Our technology can utilize the heat output to give cooling giving a low cost energy output.

Solar Heat utilization

The technology can utilize heat gained from the sun to provide cooling to residential, industrial and commercial spaces where solar irradiation is sufficient.

Manufacturing Plants

Cooling is required for multiple processes in all sorts of manufacturing sites. These include metal processing, plastic molding and even brewing. These processes generate significant heat which needs to be removed. Our technology is perfectly matched for such scenarios where the heat can be utilized to provide cooling.


The savings from the chiller can be better understood below. It must be kept in mind that for Enersion’s chiller, there are two energy inputs: heat and electricity. The savings shown below take into mind the source of the heat input. Calculations are done using 2016 energy prices of Ontario, Canada.

With Combined Heat and Power Unit

The integration of a CHP and Enersion’s chiller can provide a system that gives heating, cooling and power. This turns out to be cheaper than buying electricity from the grid because of the relatively lower price of natural gas. The following reductions in total energy costs (not just cooling) can be achieved.

Data center and manufacturing plants:      45%  

Residential and commercial applications: 20%


 A 5000 sq ft data center could save $600,000 annually.                                                                      A house with 3 residents could save $250 annually.

With Free Heat Source

Free heat is obtained as solar energy for all applications where there is enough solar irradiation or waste heat in industrial settings and data centers. Since the heat is free savings come from the reduction in electricity consumption.

                Electricity consumption for Enersion’s chiller:                  ~160 W/ton of cooling

                Electricity consumption of conventional chiller:             ~600 W/ton of cooling

                Savings:                                                                                                     ~73%


A metal manufacturing plant that requires 500 tons of cooling could save: $300,000 annually.                                                                                                                                                                            A residential building (30 floor, 10 2 bedroom suites per floor) could save: $12,000 per summer month.