Comfort Cooling (Local and District)

The most widely form of cooling that is known to and used by everyone is comfort or space cooling. Enersion’s chiller can be used for comfort cooling which finds application in homes, residential buildings, commercial buildings, offices, malls, hospitals, hotels and other buildings.

Enersion’s chiller will not be in the form of window air conditioners, but rather a larger central unit providing cooling to a building. Condominiums and newer buildings across the world use a central chiller as opposed to having window units as the efficiency and cost effectiveness is significantly higher.


Heat Source

For heat input of the chiller in this segment, a combined heat and power unit will be used.

Combined Heat and Power

A Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit is a device that uses fuel to produce heat and electricity. The fuel in most scenarios is natural gas. This is a cost effective method to obtain heating and power when compared to the electricity from the grid.

Enersion’s chiller can be integrated with a CHP unit, wherein it will utilize the heat from the CHP unit to produce cooling. This results in a trigeneration system, a system that provides locally produced power, heating and cooling in a much more cost effective method, capable of bringing down the energy costs of the facility to 90% depending on the natural gas and electricity rates at the location.

District Cooling

District cooling is setup where, like district heating, a large chiller plant provides cooling to a larger district which includes homes, buildings and other consumers. The cooling is sent in the form of cold water, which is the same as Enersion’s chiller’s output. Enersion’s chillers can be stacked up together to produce large cooling loads. It will be integrated with a CHP facility creating a trigeneration plant supplying cooling, heating and power. The cost effectiveness and efficiency provided by such a system has gained popularity and many succesfull district cooling plants can be seen in the Middle East, a region that faces high cooling loads. The Pearl in Qatar has the largest district cooling facility.