Reliable cooling is vital for optimal crop storage and maintaining comfortable conditions for dairy cattle, to maximize yield. Our cooling solutions operate on energy sources readily available on farms, and allow owners to be in control of their energy generation & consumption.

Advantages of Enersion on your farm

  • Maintain consistent cooling throughout your facility
  • 70% savings on cooling costs
  • Harness abundant energy sources
  • Tri-generation bundle will cover all your energy needs
  • Flexible operation times
  • Opportunity to sell excess biogas

Explore how our systems are powered:


Farms can become self-sustainable by utilizing abundant cattle feed-stock to: produce biogas, generate clean electricity & heat and operate our cooling systems


Geothermal power is cost-effective and can be used to reliably operate our systems and generate electricity for your facility


use of renewable energy

Up to 70%

savings on annual utility expenses