Our goal is to harness sustainable energy for worldwide cooling.

Our goal is to harness sustainable energy for worldwide cooling.

Our Mission

Enersion’s mission is to reduce the carbon footprint of conventional cooling systems by replacing them with green alternatives that use sustainable energy sources. The problem that current cooling systems present is twofold: electricity is required for cooling, and in the process of generating electricity almost 90% of heat byproduct is wasted. Secondly, toxic synthetic refrigerants (R-134a) are used which contribute 1000 times more to global warming than carbon dioxide.

Our tri-generation solution is an all inclusive platform that uses sustainable sources such as solar, biogas and renewable natural gas to produce cooling. In the process of doing so we: first, utilize 100% of heat byproduct from electricity generation for our system’s thermal compression cycle and auxiliary needs you may have. Secondly, the excess electricity generated can be diverted to meet your power needs, and thirdly we use plain water as the refrigerant. Our advanced cooling solutions are among the most efficient worldwide and can significantly reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Beginning

Enersion is a forward-looking company born out motivation to replace conventional mechanical compression cooling systems. Our founders are a group of scientists and engineers well versed in the field of adsorption and thermodynamics. Through their scientific discoveries our innovative cooling technology was developed, with the vision to reduce the carbon footprint of cooling systems worldwide.