Warm Water Cooling for Data Centers

sing warm water to keep the servers under 60°C. This is implemented with direct to chip cooling where the water removes the heat directly from the heat sink on the server. With this method, the input water needs to be … Continue Reading

Cooling down hot data centers

When it comes to cooling, most people think about air conditioning in houses, cars, office buildings etc.. But one of the great challenges less known is to efficiently cool down the multitude of servers in a data center. So what … Continue Reading

Some news on adsorption chillers

This extract is from the report on adsotpion chiller installation in germany server room “The major challenge in the procurement of a new cooling system was to find an optimal ecological and economical solution. This case demonstrates that the growing … Continue Reading

Let Innovation Fly

Innovation drives our company. In today’s times, the role of innovation has changed from improving our lives to becoming necessary to sustain our lives. Historically innovation has been taking place ever since we have records of human existence. From making … Continue Reading