Enersion provides cooling solutions across multiple segments using it’s new green and viable cooling technology.

The Technology

A revolutionary cooling technology is one which is both green and economically viable.
Enersion has developed a cooling technology that uses 70% less electricity and water as a refrigerant as opposed to harmful synthetic refrigerant that contribute to going warming.
This technology has multiple applications which include industrial cooling, data center cooling, space cooling, food storage and pharmaceuticals storage.


“Air-conditioning seemed to play a pivotal role, since with hotter weather, we would be relying even more on air-conditioning, which, through increased refrigerant use, would accelerate warming, creating even greater demand for air conditioning.” – Stan Cox

The cooling industry and why change is necessary

Imagine working in an office on a hot day, driving in a car and sleeping at night, all without the air conditioning. Moreover, imagine not being able to store food and drinks in your house. At a larger level, coming is required to transport food and medicines, for important industrial processes and even for servers in data centers, without which there would not be the internet.

You might now realize why cooling is so essential. However, it still relies on a century-old technology that uses mechanical compression. This consumes significant electricity (the reason for your high summer electricity bill) and uses refrigerants like R134a which contribute to global warming.

At Enersion, we are determined to replace this technology with something cleaner and less electricity-intensive.

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