Closing the loop

Enersion aims to bridge the gap between three fundamental processes: Heating, Cooling and Power. Our tri-generation offering uses sustainable energy sources to generate electricity and harness heat in order to run our proprietary cooling systems, which do not need synthetic refrigerants (R-134a) to operate and provide significant energy savings.



Enersion's systems offer multiple advantages

Patent Protected IP Up to 70% Annual Electricity
No Synthetic Refrigerant
Fuel Flexible Multi-industry Compatibility Utilization of Low-Grade Waste
“Enersion has developed a novel mechanical design for adsorption chiller that increases heat transfer by an order of magnitude, allowing them to reduce system costs and the overall cost of ownership to below that of incumbent cooling technologies.”

Need for cooling

When we think of the cooling the first thing that comes to mind is air-conditioning which is used in homes, buildings and vehicles. The cooling industry is much greater than that, valued at over $100 billion annually and expected to quadruple in the next 30 years, cooling is an everyday necessity in modern life that is intertwined within other processes. Data centres, food handling stores, industrial facilities and hospitals are examples of facilities that require reliable and consistent cooling in order to operate on a daily basis.

Here are some examples of where cooling is needed:

System cooling in data centers

Safe and sterile conditions in hospitals

Cooling of manufacturing machinery

Temperature control for indoor farms

Food and Beverage cold storage

Space cooling for comfortable living

Discover why change is necessary

Century-old cooling technologies are responsible for:

11% of global GHG emissions
50% of summer utility bills

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