Closing the loop

Enersion aims to bridge the gap between three fundamental processes: Heating, Cooling and Power. Our tri-generation offering uses sustainable energy sources to generate electricity and harness heat in order to run our proprietary cooling systems, which do not need synthetic refrigerants (R-134a) to operate and provide significant energy savings.


Why Enersion?

Patent Protected IP

Our proprietary cooling technology has been recognized through rigorous lab testing and demonstrations

Electricity Savings

Minimizing the amount of electricity required for cooling, we can save up to 70% annually on bills

No Synthetic Refrigerant

Our cooling system uses plain water as a refrigerant which has no carbon impact

Heat to Cooling

We directly convert low-grade waste heat to cooling, providing an efficiency of up t0 90%

Fuel Flexible

Our tri-generation system can integrate with a variety of fuel sources to meet availability and preference


From large-scale industrial to smaller residential units, our energy solution fits all

“Enersion’s system is unique in that it uses water as the refrigerant, rather than the hydro-chloro-fluoro- carbons (HCFCs) used by vapour-compression chillers. The inevitable loss of HCFCs to leakage over time (averaging 7% per year) contributes to 20% of the carbon footprint of global cooling technologies. Enersion avoids these liabilities.”

Efficient Cooling

A co-generation unit will only produce electricity and heat. Integrating an aDsorption cooling system will allow for direct conversion of excess heat to cooling during summer months – increasing year-round capacity utilization, improving efficiency and lowering energy costs. Cooling has become everyday necessity that is intertwined within other process, why not generate it in the most efficient way possible?

Here are some examples of cooling applications:


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